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Gepostet on 14 Okt 2010 in Diözese, Pfarreien in Israel

[FR] Jaffa of Nazareth Parish

Geo-Historical Context:Copy_8_of_Copy_of_25685555

Jaffa Nazareth ( in Arabic, Yafa el-Natzra meaning Jaffa of Nazareth) is situated in Central Galilee at 3 km North West of Nazareth on the road to Haifa. It extended on 4000 km.

Today it is part of greater city of Nazareth. It counts about 14.000 inhabitants, all are Arabs. 10.400 are Moslems and 3600 Christians .i.e. 70% Muslims and 30% Christians .

The Moslems have four mosques, the Christians belong to three denomination: the Latin parish is founded by Franciscans Fathers in 1641, it counts about 1200 persons; Greek parish orthodox, founded in the first half of the last century, it counts 400 persons; and Greek orthodox parish founded on 1910, it counts 2000 persons. The major part of inhabitants is workers and merchants and employees.

On 1641 the Franciscan fathers built the parish church for the service of the Christian fugitives from Jordan and welcomed by the Moslems of Jaffa Nazareth. According to the tradition of the fifteenth century were born St. James and John in Jaffa Nazareth.

The Latin Patriarchate:

In 1869 the Franciscan Fathers yield the ParishChurch to the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem and on 1885 the Rosary Sisters arrived to Jaffa Nazareth and on 1889 the Patriarch Bracco rebuilds the parishChurch. On this community succeed 25 parish priest on which I am the last.Picture1

Yafia has 4 churches in the old city on the hill, honoring the traditional birth place of Saint James (Yaakov ben Zebedee). James was one of the disciples of Jesus, a fisherman in trade and brother of John. James was martyred under Herod Agrippa as per Acts 12:2 (“And he killed James the brother of John with the sword”).

During these last years there have been a development of the village and the parish and the school which attracts attention: the Christian community is agitated by the current of secularization and the crisis between Moslems and Christians.

From this come the importancePicture12 of the development of the school as means of human and spiritual values and mutual acquaintance and dialogue between the religions and center of ecumenism as the school welcomes students from Christians and Moslems.

The Christians are from three denominations: Latin , Greek melkeite and Greek orthodox. In addition the school holds a center for socio-education: activity for the youth, football team, group of folkloric dance and manual labor.

On the other hand the school traces back to 1879 and it has only till the eight class. So it needs many restorations for the health and safety of students on one hand and the continuation to the High school on the other hand.



Jaffa – Nazareth: Saint John the Apostle
Pastor: Rev. Elias Tabban
Address: P.O.B. 76
16955 Jaffa – Nazareth
Tel: (04) 657 23 20
(04) 657 23 20
Fax: (04) 645 22 24