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Gepostet on 1 Okt 2010 in Diözese, Pfarreien in Jerusalem und Palästina

[FR] Nablus Parish

Geo-Historical Context:Copy_15_of_Copy_of_25685555

Nablus is a Palestinian city in the northern of the West Bank. It is north of Jerusalem (one hour by car). The population of the Nablus district is 218,724.

Nablus is the economic center for the area. Manufacturing and processing of agricultural products provides numerous jobs. Nablus is far from the usual tourist and pilgrim sites. However, Jacob’s well is located in this city where Jesus Christ pass through this well. A small Jewish sect called Samaritan still occupies a hill is the city. This small sect dates from seventh century BC.


Among Nablus’s resources is its skilled manpower working in local small scale establishment sush as textile factories, black smiths, carpenters and others. The majority of Nablus’s citizens are unskilled laborers. The bulk of workers were utilized in the Israel agricultural and construction related fields. However, these numbers have declined because of the political unrest.

Social Environment:

Most of the people in this region of the country are no Christian in the villages around Nablus. The city people have many manufacturing establishments.

The Latin Patriarchate School:

St. Joseph’s school has been established in Nablus in 1904, by St. Joseph’s sisters. Since that time it has been producing educational and heath service, even it faced hard and difficult situation. Although the school had been closed but it continued to produce offering help in its clinic. Which continued until 1997. In 1986 Saint Joseph’s School opened its doors again according to the people’s desire also the Ministry of Education and other institutions. At first the school opened from class one to class six. The school use the state curriculum besides languages (English, French, Arabic). The people in Nablus like this school because it try to build up the children’s personality by using modern aids.

In 1998 the Latin Patriarchate Schools have acquired a school from St. Joseph Sisters, which added a new class –class seven- and other fields like computer labs. Art and music are being encouraged. Teachers are being trained in new methods. University degrees are being required of teachers, kindergartens are being upgraded and new rooms and new school additions are being added.


Nablus: The Savior at Jacob’s Well
Pastor: Rev. Johny Abu Khalil
Address: P.O.B. 21
Nablus 108
Tel & fax: (09) 234 40 16
Mobile: 059 742 04 50
059 742 04 50     
054 970 64 75
Satellite parishes: Tulkarem, Azzoun, Burqa